Our staff

  • Phillip holland

    lead pastor

    Phil is passionate about helping families follow Jesus and seeing lives transformed by the Gospel. He’s married to Laura and they have four kids, Madison, Isaiah, Caroline, and Virginia He completed his undergrad at Hastings College and got his Master’s in Biblical Studies at Louisville Bible College. He’s a huge fan of basketball and if you’re ever around Valley View on warm afternoon, you may see him going for a run on our campus.

  • Brandon burcham

    worship pastor

    Brandon loves leading people into the presence of God through worship and loves being a husband and dad. He’s been married to Keely since 2009 and they have 2 boys, Owen and Zander, and are expecting another baby in November! Brandon has a Bachelor's in Exercise Science from Harding University and a Master's in Social Work from University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He can fluently speak in "The Office" quotes and is a total Fantasy Football junkie!

  • Tom Cherry

    community pastor

    Tom is an Enneagram 7, so you can always expect fresh and fun ideas from him. He’s passionate about creating environments where people feel comfortable, can have fun, and encounter Jesus (as well as Kentucky Basketball). Tom is currently working on finishing his Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership at Denver Seminary. He’s married to Lauren and they have a daughter, Haley, and a baby boy due in July. If you ever need a recommendation on podcasts, good BBQ, or how to make the perfect French Press, Tom’s your guy!   

  • Juan Fallas

    Student pastor

    Juan has a big heart for students and for helping them encounter God in fun, relatable ways. He and his wife Elke have been married since 2015 and just relocated to Littleton from Joplin, MO. Juan was born in Costa Rica and is bilingual. He has a Bachelor's degree in Student Ministry and a Bachelor's in Psychology and Counseling from Ozark Christian College. In his spare time, you can find him at a local Crossfit gym, at a coffee shop reading Stephen King, snowboarding, or binge-watching "The Office".

  • Gene barron

    pastor emeritus

    Gene has been a faithful servant of God here at Valley View for 4 decades! He’s been married to Karen since 1973 and they have 2 adult sons. He’s a huge Cardinals fan and during ski season, you can expect Gene to spend as much time as possible on the slopes. In the summer, you’ll find him mountain biking around the foothills (ask him to tell you about some of his epic injuries).

  • Stephanie Clarkson

    Children's Director

    Stephanie loves getting to work with kids support parents as they raise their kids to know and love Jesus. She’s married to Jason and they have three kids: Logan, Brooke, and Zane. With three active kids you can find her and Jason running around to various sporting and school events on a daily basis. Stephanie is a big fan of Disney and on a free Friday you can usually find the Clarkson family enjoying a quick getaway to Breckenridge.

  • Melanie predolich

    communications coordinator

    Melanie is an Enneagram 2 through and through and is passionate about using her time and gifts to serve others and ultimately serve Jesus. She completed her undergrad at Colorado Christian University and during that time was able to spend a summer in Guatemala in an internship with a missions organization. Melanie owns the title of Crazy Plant Lady with 40 plants and counting in her collection. In her free time you can find her reading at a coffee shop or at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

  • Erin angel

    audio engineer

    Erin is our resident tech genius. He’s a busy worker bee who completes endless tasks throughout the week that help our Sunday morning worship services go smoothly. Erin’s always ballin’ on a budget and you can safely guess he’ll always have a banana ready for a mid-afternoon snack. In his free time you can find him playing guitar, helping someone start a podcast, or travelling.

  • Tori Kimble

    office Manager

    Tori is an Enneagram 1 and is pretty good at organization, so we made her our office manager! She has a bachelor's degree in Communications and Bible from Grace University. She has been married to her husband, Lee, since 2004 and they have three girls: Alaina, Joya, and Bria. In her free time she writes books for kids and teens, and crochets fun things like beard hats and lobsters.

  • Luana Vaeth

    Database Coordinator

    Luana is the cheerful voice you’ll here when you call the main office. She has been married to her husband David for 32 years and they have an adult son and an adult daughter. Luana loves to travel, her all time favorite place she’s been is Italy.

  • Jill bryant

    business manager

    Jill is our numbers girl and helps keep us all running smoothly. Fun fact, everyone in her family has the same initials: JB. She’s married to Josh and they have four kids: Jayden, Jax, Jaysie, and Jordyn. She loves getting to know her neighbors and as much as possible in the summer, you’ll find the Bryant family exploring all the camping spots the state has to offer.

  • Terry Lambert

    Facility Technician

    Terry has successfully made it through the largest communication shift since the printing press without owning a cell phone or having an email address. He lives his best bachelor life in Sedalia where he hosts a Bible study in his home. Terry claims that he could live off chocolate alone for the rest of his life.