Prayer wall

One really powerful way for us to stay connected to each other, is to pray for one another. As prayer requests are submitted, you'll be able to see them listed below. 


Continued prayers for Xavier’s family the of his cousin to COVID19 Pray for Xavier’s sister her best friend Tina has Kidney cancer Pray for safety and health Xavier and I leave on Sunday to drive to Northern California for our granddaughters 3rd birthday I still have Thrush pray this will go away and not return Prayers for the healing of our country


Prayers for Xavier and his family, his cousin in Mexico died yesterday of COVID


My nephew and family live in Sanford Michigan where the dam broke and flooded the town. They are safe for now, but ask for the Lord to keep them safe.


Pam Penn, neighbor of Mari, taken to Hospital 5/19 a.m. with severe respiratory problems (she also has MS and a few other medical issues) in critical condition. She's not a Christian but does believe in God. Not know if it is COVID-19 related.


Prayers for healing, Thrush has returned in my mouth, and the lymph node on the left side of my neck is swollen and is painful , prayers this will heal quickly and go away and not return